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Founded: 2003

Owner: Tripp McConnell

Located: Rock Hill, SC 

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Manufacturers' Representative of the Luxury Plumbing Industry

in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia

CSS is committed to presenting ourselves in a highly professional manner that reflects the quality and dedication of the manufacturers we represent while increasing their existing value. 

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​​​​​[Ce.ler.i.tynounswiftness of motion; speed]


       In January of 2003, a friend started his own rep agency based in Dallas, TX. During several months of conversation he convinced me that I had the right experience and personality to do the same. After many years as a national sales representative and working for others, I decided to go for it. Celerity Sales started May 1st 2003 with one manufacturer and zero sales in the territory! Two months later the second line was added. After two years I had a full line card. Following my third year, thanks to my wholesale/retail customers, Celerity Sales was a highly recommended agency for manufacturers seeking representation in showrooms covering Georgia and the Carolinas. Today Celerity continues to strive for excellence in service and vision to our manufacturers and customers.